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“Striking”  pests at your home or business!

General Pest Control

Our pest control business is committed to providing comprehensive services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. We specialize in the eradication and prevention of a wide range of common pests, ensuring that your home or business remains a safe and comfortable environment. 

With the most up to date techniques and results oriented solutions, we effectively eliminate these nuisances, safeguarding your property from potential damage and health hazards.

With this picture here, this is an example of a spider helping to control the population of moths!!

Residential Service

 Our Residential Pest Control Service is designed to provide year round pest control service for a multitude of pest that enter the home. 

We will come and thoroughly treat the interior and exterior of your home. 

Interior – we will go through the entire house, thoroughly treating any place where pest like to hide and setting up monitoring boards to monitor the level of population, We also set up rodent stations in garage and hvac room.  While we are inside we are always checking windows and doors for any breaks in the seals that could be an entry point for pest.

 Exterior – we will treat the base of the house with a liquid barrier(granules in the winter), we then will treat the eaves of the house where spiders and wasps like to hide, we will then clear the house of spider webs and wasp nest. Just like on the inside, on the outside we are always looking for entry points into the home on siding, windows, doors or hvac lines. 

We offer a wide range of frequency – monthly, bi monthly, quarterly and bi annually as well as one time services.

Commercial Service

Our Commercial Pest Control Services can be tailored to your specific needs for your business to provide year round service. 

 We are experienced in treating a wide range of businesses – from nursing homes to apartment complexes and everything in between, we are experienced and certified to treat any type of business.  

Interior – We would treat the interior using various methods depending on the needs of the business and how sensitive the situation is.  

Exterior – We would treat the exterior by using a liquid barrier around the base of the structure, we would also treat the eves, then thoroughly wiping the structure of any spider webs and wasp nest. We can place rodent stations as a preventative measure if needed.  

For most businesses Monthly service is usually the frequency we treat, but we are able to do at any frequency that your business would need.


Special Services

In addition to our general pest control services, we offer specialized treatments for more challenging pests. Bedbugs, Roaches, Termites, and Mosquitoes require even more of a targeted approaches to effectively eradicate them from your premises. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the latest methods and technologies to tackle these specific infestations. We understand the unique behaviors and habits of each of these pests, allowing us to implement precise and efficient treatment strategies. Rest assured, our top priority is to ensure the complete satisfaction and peace of mind of our clients, knowing that their homes and businesses are protected from even the most stubborn pests.

More About Termite Service…

We have many years of experience with the inspection and treatment of termites, our approach to both is very methodical and thorough, as this is a pest that can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Starting with a thorough inspection of the property both inside and outside, always with an eye for detail and leaving no stone unturned. Treatments are based on activity and\or prevention. We use a method that allows us to monitor Termite activity year round around your home or business and it only gets better the longer it is in the ground, it is a very pinpointed approach that will target the Termites ability to grow, therefore eliminating entire colonies without using gallons of material in the ground. 

We offer inspections of termites for real estate, homeowners and business owners.


More About Roach Service…

We use a multi pronged approach to treating roaches by including not only liquid but bait, dust and growth regulators if needed. Never a one and done service, we always include follow up. Roach Treatments are not just about the use of materials, but also understanding how the structure itself becomes a home for this rapidly reproducing insect, and how the conditions inside the structure can contribute to the population growth. 

 More About Bedbug Service…

Our Bedbug service starts with an inspection to first to identify and gauge the level of population, we will then provide some things that will need to be done before treatment, do the treatment and then have a follow up. This service is one where you will have to be away from the home for a few hours. Bedbug Treatments are Multi-pronged in the approach just like with Roaches but it is not all about the materials, where the bedbug lives and breeds is a very important component of getting rid of them, the more places they can go, the more they will continue to live in the house, this service is labor intensive and requires very detailed work. 

More about Mosquito Service…

We begin our Mosquito service in April and run through October. We use a targeted approach to fighting mosquitoes by using both attractants and growth regulators, This is a much safer approach than the old way of mist blowing insecticide all over a yard. The root of the problem is how the mosquitoes breed, so we take the approach of attacking the problem at the source. The video on the right shows how the system works and how it is much safer that the old method of mist blowing all of the vegetation in a yard.