Eliminating Pests in South-Central Kansas

Servicing both residential and commercial properties

We are always cautious about the materials we use and how we are using them. How we have designed our Pest Control Programs is driven by a couple of factors. First is it putting a lot of material in the ground or in the yard or in the house, second is it having an effect on Non-target species and third is it cost effective for us and for the customer.

As science makes advances in the pest control industry, we will always strive to be as up to date on any pest control method or equipment that will allow us to provide the safest and most effective Pest Control for our customers.

We will always strive to keep your family and your pets safe as if they are our own. Mira in the picture is a shining example of what we like to see, Happy pets!!


We are environmentally conscious

 At Strike First Pest Management, we’re all about keeping your home or business pest-free with you, your family and your animals safety first and foremost.

Our approach to Pest Control is all about preventing issues and using pest treatments that are safe. We are results driven and we are always researching for the most effective materials and pest treatment techniques to give the most impact.

A good example of this practice is how we do our Termite and Mosquito treatments. With Termite Treatments, an older way still practiced today is done by putting gallons of material in the ground next to your house, it is targeted to termites but it is using so much material and it is expensive to do and you need a whole rig put on the back of a truck to do it, then there is the labor and time to do the treatment. Our approach is not as labor intensive, we do not put gallons of material in the ground and it is more cost effective there for passing savings to the customer. 

For Mosquito Treatments, a method still practiced today is using a mist blower to spread insecticide all over vegetation in a yard, basically if its green with no flowers its getting covered. We find this method harmful to non-target species and it uses a good amount of material which drives up cost. We have a video in our mosquito section of our services page that shows our approach.  


How it works?

Give us a call, schedule an appointment

We come do a free estimate

We do the appropriate treatment for the pest at hand

You continue with your life, happy, pest-free!

Pests We Treat

Regardless of the pest at hand, we’ve got you covered, including general pest control treatments for:

Ants  •  Spiders  •  Beetles  •  Crickets  •  Rodents  •  Wasps and many more

We also provide specialized treatments for:

Bedbugs    Roaches  •  Termites    Mosquitoes