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Our core values propel us to provide dependable, forward-thinking, and efficient pest control solutions to our clients. We firmly hold that integrity, a positive mindset, strong work ethics, and a pursuit of excellence is the key to a results driven pest management program. Experience this firsthand when you reach out to us, We are confident that selecting Strike First Pest Management will leave you thoroughly satisfied with the results we produce. 

We are a Family-Owned Business Based in Wichita, Kansas

My name Is Michael Gauna, I am the owner of Strike First Pest Management. I have been in the industry for 10 years and have worked as a technician, a Service manager and a General Manager so being an owner was the next logical step. My Certifications with the State of Kansas are…

7A – Wood Destroying  – This Certification qualifies me to treat pests such as Termites, Carpenter Ants, wood borers, and wood destroying fungus

7E – Structural Pest – This Certification qualifies me to treat pests in structures such as Spiders, Wasps, Ants, Crickets, Rodents and many more. 

7D – Health Related – This Certification qualifies me to treat and manage pests with medical or health significance such as Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Cockroaches and many more. 

I am Certified with the Kansas Pest Control Association as a Master Technician, it is a more in-depth program held at Kansas State University that provides lab training conducted by experts from across the nation, it was a really amazing course that brought such a wealth of knowledge and experience with it. 

My current course of study will bring me the designation of Associate Certified Entomologist, it is the highest field certification in the pest control industry and is recognized Nationwide, My plan is to have this complete by the end of summer 2024. 

 I was trained by Master Technicians, Board Certified Entomologist, Associate Certified Entomologist and Technicians with 25+ years of experience. I believe that good pest control comes from education and experience, and for myself and any who work for me training is never finished, it is something that is continuously ongoing. I believe that every property I service is to be treated as my own, with the same methodical thoroughness I would do on my own house to protect my family and my home.

Education is the bedrock of what we do, all of our technicians are required to be certified with the State of Kansas and when they reach two years of certification, they will go through the Master Technician program offered by the Kansas Pest Control Association. We are always involved in continuing education to keep up to date techniques and equipment so that you as a customer receive the highest quality service that we can give.


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