“What it means to me to be Certified as A Master Technician”

May 27, 2024

The Master Technician Program offered by the Kansas Pest Control Association is a specialized, in-depth training program conducted in association with Kansas State University. You have to complete 4 lab based classes presented by experts from Kansas and across the nation.

For me the Master Technician Certification drives me to always be the best I can possibly be, not only for my customers but for myself and those who work with me. I am continuously learning every day, always looking at new techniques and materials as well as equipment to make the job more efficient and effective. Being a Master Technician always makes me hold myself to the highest standards, not only with my work but with the education of my customers on any issues related to pest control.

Another aspect of pushing myself comes during the hottest months of the year, pest control can be grueling and there is always a desire to get your work finished and get out of the heat, But as a Master Technician I strive to get the job finished and not cut corners, my customers are paying for my knowledge and experience as well as my integrity and ability to get the job done and I refuse to lower my standards just to get finished.

In total a Master Technician should hold themselves to the highest standards, they should never cut corners and should take pride in what they accomplish and always strive to be the constantly be raising the standards of the pest control industry.